Week 0: Preparation

  • Friday, June 10: Please attend open office hours if you have questions on installation or preparation.

Week 1: Models and Data

Week 2: Intro to simple statistics

Week 3: Intro to mixed modeling

Week 4: Community biodiversity analyses

Week 5: Building and fitting compartmental models in ecology

Week 6: Model evaluation and comparison

Week 7: Mid-Session Workshop

After courses conclude, we will move to once-a-month full group check-ins and research progress reports as a whole class. Mentors and mentees will continue to meet on their own time throughout this stage of the research to advance research progress on student projects.

Week 8: Research updates

  • In-person office hours with Cara Brook on Tuesday, September 27 from 7-10 am Madagascar time at the Madagascar Biodiversity Center in Tsimbazaza!
    • Cara will be giving a seminar following in-person office hours at 10 am at the MBC. You are all invited to attend!
  • Mentor/Mentee Goal: Conclude Figures 3-4 for final paper

Week 9: Research updates

  • Monday, October 24: no meeting this week
  • Mentor/Mentee Goal: Conclude Figure 5 for final paper (if applicable) + outline plans for writing manuscript

Week 10: Research updates

Week 11: Research updates

  • Monday, December 19: Full group check-in + research updates
  • Mentor/Mentee Goal: Write methods for final paper

Week 12: Research updates

  • Monday, January 16: Full group check-in + research updates
  • Mentor/Mentee Goal: Write results for final paper

Week 13: Final wrap up-and presentations

  • Monday, February 13: Full group check-in + research presentations
  • Wednesday, February 15: Full group check-in + research presentations
  • Mentor/Mentee Goal: Write discussion for final paper to complete first draft

March-April: Independent work

  • Mentor/Mentee Goal: Edit and revise final paper as needed
  • Mentor/Mentee Goal: Submit final paper to peer-reviewed journal

General Notes

  • Students can access preparation materials and assignments here.
  • All courses take place from 5:30-7pm Madagascar time (9:30-11am US CT) unless otherwise noted.
  • Mentors and mentees should meet and/or discuss virtually (e.g. slack) on the off-weeks between courses to (1) address any confusion from the topics of the week and (2) guide progress on each student’s independent research project. Mentor-mentee assignments are available here.
  • Training themes are listed by week of instruction. The syllabus can also be accessed on Google Sheets here.
  • Each training theme is accompanied by a Mentor/Mentee Goal. These can can also be viewed on GoogleSheets here.
  • All lectures are recorded and available for download in the Box folder here.